I’m Holly! I design book covers and illustrate science fiction and fantasy.

I love imaginary worlds, be they epic medieval times, outer space, or someplace yet to be discovered. Bringing these worlds to life—their people, scenery, and grandeur—is my passion.

I’ve created a lot of book covers in my years as a freelance artist, and I’ve been sharing back what I’ve learned through free Youtube tutorials. I’ve also compiled a huge reference library of recent cover design trends in my Book Cover Visual Library.

I’m an author as well, and have an ongoing project to release my fiction in Creative Commons. And to bridge the (not so wide) gap between illustration and writing, I write alien poetry, complete with poetic translations.

While I’m not currently taking on new clients, if you have a project you think I’d really love, send me an email!


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I’ve worked in publishing, album art, and film, and my clients include The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Factor Four Magazine, SciFutures, Evolved Publishing, Phoenix Pick/Arc Manor, and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.





Holly Heisey designs stunning covers that draw the readers in. Any writer or publisher who still subscribes to the adage of not judging the book by its cover must’ve made the mistake of working with somebody else.
— Alex Shvartsman, author of The Golem of Deneb Seven and Other Stories
If you’re looking for a talented graphic designer who handles not only the creative process but also the business side of your project with consummate professionalism, look no further than Holly Heisey.
— Travis Heermann, author of Night of the Hidden Fang (as T. James Logan)

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